Jagame Maya Telugu Movie Review

Jagame Maya Telugu Movie Review & Rating [ Hit or Flop ] 2022

Jagame Maya Telugu movie review: Jagame Maya, a Telugu murder thriller starring Dhanya Balakrishna, Chaitanya Rao, and Teja Ainampudi, was launched today on Disney Plus Hotstar. Sunil Puppala directed the film, which was produced by Uday Kola and Anne Vijay Shekhar.

Filmmakers are experimenting with the idea of money being centered on the film. The Jagame Maya trailer and teaser for the film piqued the curiosity of moviegoers. Let’s see how it is in the Jagame Maya Telugu movie review!

Jagame Maya movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Jagame Maya (2022)
Rating 2/5
Genre Crime Thriller
Release Date 16th, December 2022
Director Sunil Puppala
Main Lead Actors Chaitanya Rao, Prithviraj, Dhanya Balakrishna, Teja Ainampudi and many others
Cinematography Rahul Machineni
Editor Madhu Reddi, and Kala Sagar Udagandla
Producers Uday Kola, and  Vijay Sekhar Anne
Music Director Ajay Arasada
Language Telugu

Jagame Maya Movie Story:

Before going into the Jagame Maya Telugu movie review let us know a bit about its story. The story of this movie mainly revolves around three characters namely Anand, Chitra, and Ajay. Anand (Teja Ainampudi) earns money by cheating and blackmailing people in the city.

Chitra (Dhanya Balakrishna), who lost her husband Ajay (Chaitanya Rao) in a car accident after 6 months of marriage, comes to the city for a job. Unexpectedly, Anand meets Chitra (Dhanya Balakrishna) and marries after a few days.

After a few months, Anand will know some shocking things about Chitra after marriage. And what are the shocking things that Anand knows about her? What events took place in Anand’s life with the arrival of the Chitra? What happened, in the end, has to be seen in the movie. Let’s get into the Jagame Maya Telugu movie review.

Jagame Maya Movie Plus points

  • Dhanya Balakrishna, who has played the heroine’s friend in numerous films, has also played a female protagonist on rare. She is a talented actor, as seen by her performance in this film.
  • Dhanya’s first-half performance is diametrically opposed to his second-half performance. Her understated acting helped her balance the part.
  • Teja Ainampudi’s performance in the character of Anand is good. His performance seems very casual. The director has also used the comedy angle well in Anand’s character.
  • The actual story of the movie starts in the second half which is interesting it is one of the plus points when talking about the jagame Maya Telugu movie review.
  • The scenes where the real truths and intentions behind the original characters are revealed in the climax are good.

Jagame Maya Movie Minus points

  • There are thrilling elements here and there. But due to the lack of novelty, you may feel that you have already seen it. But, Overall, the makers have presented the movie honestly.
  • There are many stories about money in the film industry. The movie Jagame Maya also belongs to that category. If not, it can be said that they tried to give new touches to the routine story. However. having seen similar concepts before, the storyline seems to be okay.
  • Talking about the Jagame Maya cast and crew performances, Dhanya Balakrishna does a good job on her part, but she could have been given more room to shine. Unfortunately, her talent is wasted due to the mediocre premise and writing.

Technical Aspects

The technicians in the Jagame Maya Telugu movie review is that they could not do justice in terms of music, cinematography, and editing as the story was weak in this movie. It must be said that they did not get a hundred percent out of the foot.

Director Sunil Puppala Jagame Maya struggled in writing and presenting the story in an engaging way. Twists are the main thing in such stories. But screenplay writer Ajay Saran Addala missed all such in this one. Jagame Maya remained one of the routine movies.


The final words about the Jagame Maya movie review are the movie has been made in the thriller genre and has missed the thrilling elements. It can be expected that it will be difficult to make the audience sit.

Prithvi raj’s character should have been written better to make the film more exciting. It has to be said that no character gets proper space if there is no strength in the original stories.

The run time of the movie is only 2 hours. But the story’s thrilling narration misses the length. Jagame Maya movie budget is low, the production values are average. As the film is OTT release you can once give it a try.

Jagame Maya Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2/5

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