Avatar 2 Telugu movie review

Avatar 2 Telugu Movie Review & Rating – A feast for the Eyes

Avatar 2 Telugu movie review: Avatar’s first part hit the theatres in 2009. The film collections at the box office are on top. And finally, almost 13 years after the release of ‘Avatar’, “Avatar The Way of Water” was released.

Audiences and Avatar fans are eagerly waiting for this film for a long time. The Avatar 2 trailer and teaser also created a lot of buzz. Now let’s see in the Avatar 2 Telugu movie review in this article

Avatar 2 Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Avatar The Way of Water (2022)
Rating 3.5/5
Genre Fantasy, Action, Adventure and Thriller
Release Date 16th, December 2022
Director James Cameron
Main Lead Actors Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, Zoe Saldaña, Joel David Moore, Stephen Lang
Cinematography Russell Carpenter
Editor James Cameron, Stephen E. Rivkin, David Brenner, John Refoua
Producers James Cameron, and Jon Landau
Music Director Simon Franglen
Language English, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil

Avatar 2 Movie Story:

Before going into the Avatar 2 movie rating let us know a bit about its story. This story starts from where the first part ended. The people of the Navi tribe, who drove the humans from the planet Pandora, live very happily.

Some people cling to trustworthy people. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Netiri will have three children: two boys and a girl. Another girl has been adopted. Jake’s family of four children lives contentedly in Pandora’s Halalui Mountains.

Due to an incident, they think that their place is not safe and migrate to another place. What are the real problems of Jake’s family? What finally happened? To know that, you have to go to the theatres and watch the movie. Now let’s get into Avatar 2 Telugu movie review.

Avatar 2 Movie Plus points

  • One of the major plus points while talking about Avatar 2 Telugu movie review is, the opening scene of the first part starts with showing Pandora and ends with showing Jake’s face. The identical scenes may also be seen in the sequel. James Cameron seems to have designed it symbolically.
  • The first half may seem boring but the second half is too good. Action scenes on one side and wonderful water visuals on the other, take us to a new world.
  • The pre-climax and climax action sequences are the highlight of the movie.
  • As far as the Avatar 2 cast and crew are concerned, Jake who appeared in the first part, and his wife Netiri acted equally well in this part. The four actors who played their children were similarly thrilled with their performances. The villain role is also good. All the other characters also help Jake’s family.
  • The beauty of Avatar 2 is not just in the Navi, but also in the creatures they care about. In a stunning way, James Cameron depicts the emotional link between the huge animals known as Tulkun and the Navi clan.

Avatar 2 Movie Minus Points

  • Don’t look for the stories in big-budget movies. Don’t look for richness in storylines!
  • The soul of emotions, which appeared in the first half of Avatar, vanished in the second. He tried to do the same thing again, but when Jakes Sully abandoned his Avatar tribe to save his family, his purpose was reduced and his character arc was significantly reduced.
  • The biggest minus point while talking about Avatar 2 Telugu movie review is the Colonel’s character should have been written better. To be honest, he is less remarkable than in the previous one.

Technical Aspects

As far as the technical stuff is concerned in Avatar 2 Telugu movie review, James Cameron who is the director cum producer cum editor has a lot to say. Loved the movie. You will see it in every frame.

But the duration seemed a bit long. I felt it would have been better if some scenes had been reduced before the interval. Only the second part has been released so far; the remaining three parts will be released over the following few years.

The next item to talk about is the visuals. Each frame is as rich as a painting. Simone Franglan, who provided the music, did a wonderful job at some places. And the rest of the technicians also worked with their lives.


The closing words about Avatar 2 Telugu movie review is, Family and emotions are central to Avatar: The Way Of Water. The picture moves slowly, and it takes more than three hours to really appreciate the visual splendor. A

Avatar 2 movie rating has been a stunner with a little script tweaking and tightening, as well as a shorter running time.

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Avatar 2 Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 3.5/5

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