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Sasanasabha Telugu movie review: Sasanasabha, a low-budget film directed by Venu Madikanti, is released on December 16 in theaters. The presence of Rajendra Prasad in a prominent role elevates people’s interest.

The producers attempted to increase buzz by using the name of music director Ravi Basrur, who provided music for the Pan India sensation KGF movie. Let us observe how the film impacted moviegoers in the Sasanasabha Telugu movie review.

Sasanasabha movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Sasanasabha Telugu Movie (2022)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Political Drama
Release Date 16th, December 2022
Director Venu Mandikanti
Main Lead Actors Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Indra Sena, Sonia Agarwal, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni, Prudhvi Raj, Anish Kuruvilla, and many Others
Cinematography Krishna Murali
Editor Gowtham Raju
Producers Thulasiram Sappani and Shanmugam Sappani
Music Director Ravi Basrur
Language Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada

Sasanasabha Movie Story

The film takes place in a fictitious state against a political setting. In the most recent elections, no one party obtained an overall majority, resulting in a hung parliament. This puts into play a political broker, the exceedingly deadly Durga (Amit Tiwari), and Surya (Indrasena), who are both imprisoned.

The tale of Sasanasabha is about the political fight for power between the government and opposition parties. How Rajendra Prasad is related to this? Who will be the next CM to know the answers to all these questions watch the film on big screens. Now let’s get into the Sasanasabha Telugu movie review.

Sasanasabha Movie Plus points

  • Political movies are not a new concept, we have seen countless films in this zoner over many years and Sasanasabha comes into the same genre.
  • The political context is beautifully shown in the film, which engages viewers in the first hour. Initially, the characters are well-established, and the political drama that occurs in this section is interesting.
  • Politicians’ strategic movements to stay ahead of their opponents, like in a game of chess, are carried out fairly.
  • Certain lines are well-written and provoke thought.
  • Rajendra Prasad is the lifeblood of the film because Narayana Swamy does a good job saving the film and the rest of the Sasanasabha cast and crew does what the film requires.
  • The movie starts on a good note, then it slowly becomes interesting with Rajendra Prasad’s scenes.
  • The first half was fast-paced and had plenty of exciting moments.

Sasanasabha Movie Minus points

  • without getting into the main plot, the first half doesn’t engage us. The second half also has the same problem, except for some political scenes, there is no novelty in the story.
  • The story has elements like love, comedy, and many commercial scenes. It seemed like they were forced into the story.
  • The main minus point while talking about the Sasanasabha Telugu movie review is, about the performances, of the Sasanasabha cast and crew Indra Sena succeeds in maintaining the heroic look as Surya but fails completely in the performance, there is not a single expression in the film that he emotes well.
  • 7/G Brindavan Colony fame Sonia Aggarwal seems unfit for the role. Although she is a good actress, the role of this greedy politician doesn’t suit her.

Technical Aspects

Talking about technicalities in Sasanasabha Telugu movie review, even though the story is good, Venu Mandikanti is partially successful in hooking the audience as the writer of the film K Raghavendra Reddy becomes an old story amidst the content-based movies being made in Telugu.

Technically, Sasanasabha is good, despite being made on a limited budget, Krishna Murali has made it a big movie with his stunning visuals, even though the story is routine, the technology will keep you glued to the seat.


The final words about the Sasanasabha Telugu movie review are overall, Sasanasabha is a political drama that can only be watched by certain sections of the audience.

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Sasanasabha Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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