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Adivi Sesh Hit 2 Movie Review & Rating – [ Super Hit ]

Hit 2 Movie Review : ‘Hit’ is one of director Shailesh Kolana’s most successful flicks. As ‘Hit’ became a blockbuster, it was planned to expand the franchise to seven films. Adivi Sesh has become one of the top heroes after Major and is starring in a variety of films.

Now this actor plays the hero in ‘Hit 2,’ while Meenakshi Chaudhary plays the heroine. Let us learn more about the Hit 2 movie review in this article.

Hit 2 Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name HIT 2 Telugu Movie (2022)
Rating 3.5/5
Genre Crime Thriller
Release Date 2nd, December 2022
Director Sailesh Kolanu
Main Lead Actors Adivi Sesh, Meenakshi, Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Tanikella Bharani, Srikanth Iyengar, Srinath Maganti, Komalee Prasad and many others
Cinematography S.Manikandan
Editor Garry Bh
Producers Prashanti Tipirneni
Music Director MM Sree Lekha, and Suresh Bobbili
Language Telugu

Hit 2 Movie Story: 

Before going into Hit 2 movie rating let us know a bit about its story. KD alias Krishnadev (Adivi Shesh) is an SP in Visakhapatnam. A serial killer murders a girl named Sanjana in the city.

The case comes to KD to solve and even nabs the man behind it. But in a tragic turnaround of events, Dev comes to know that the killer is someone else.

KD’s further investigation reveals that many women were also killed, and all of the women were linked to a women’s organization.

What kind of challenges will KD face in search of the killer? Who is this killer?  why is he targeting only women? All these questions plot the story. Now let us dive into the Hit 2 movie review.

Hit 2 Movie Plus points:

  • Adivi Sesh has previously proven that he possesses the necessary talents and charisma for such thrillers. He not only fits in nicely as an investigating officer, but he also performs well to keep us interested throughout.
  • Meenakshi Chaudhary is engaging on-screen, and her chemistry with Adivi Sesh is well-executed in the love scenes. Her performance in the important second half is strong.
  • Komali Prasad carries the required intensity of the character. Her dress and acting as lady police are good.
  • Talking about the Hit 2 movie cast & crew performances Srinath Maganti, Tanikella Bharani, and Rao Ramesh are good for their roles. Suhas surprises in a special role.
  • Last but not least the major plus point about the Hit 2 movie review is Adivi Sesh. He has established himself as the undisputed king of thrillers. His choice of themes in this genre is great and HIT 2 allows him sufficient opportunity to demonstrate his heroics and performance.

Hit 2 Movie Minus points:

  • The twists in the story are also predictable. Put logic aside and believe in magic.
  • Although the length is short, there is a feeling of having watched it for a long time.
  • Another minus point while talking about the hit 2 movie review is, there are some unsettling pictures in the film. These are photographs of terrible and brutal violence.
  • The link between Meenakshi and Adivi Sesh is boring.
  • The picture begins slowly, and it takes a while to get into the major narrative. The villain’s trial is beautifully shown, but the actor who played it might have done a better job of making the climax thrilling.

Technical aspects:

The hit 2 movie budget is 10 crores. Technically the film is of high standards. Music by MM Srilekha, the song ‘Urike Urike‘ sung by Sid Sriram is good. John Stewart’s eduri background music carries the mood of the story.

Garry BH’s editing is good since he kept the time to a minimum by omitting unnecessary sequences. S Manikandan’s cinematography is excellent, as he strived to convey the entire film in a high tone.

The production values are excellent, and the city of Vizag is shown in a unique light. The cameraman’s color tone is outstanding, and it portrays the film in a captivating way.


Overall, “Hit 2” is an excellent investigative thriller that ticks all the right boxes. Despite its weaknesses, the picture holds the audience’s attention throughout. It almost strikes the objective.

The narrative is more suspenseful than the story First off. Once the second half starts, the actual story feels stretched. Adivi Sesh’s settled performance turns a normal thriller into a watchable one. and finally It is a must-watch film for the thriller genre audience.

Hit 2 Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 3.5/5

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