What Is OTT ? 5 best Things you need to aware about OTT

What Is OTT ? 5 best Things you need to aware about OTT
What Is OTT ? 5 best Things you need to aware about OTT

What Is OTT – The Way of viewing entertainment is changed all over the world. Now in this article, we will talk about What is OTT, and how OTT platforms are attracted audiences, such as a new entertainment feature called OTT.

OTT platforms let you view Movies, TV shows, and much more on smart devices. Over Top services requires an internet connection to play TV shows and movies on Smart devices. Most of the OTT providers have their own App, Web Site, or Page where users can log in through Their Unique User ID and Password.

Some of the Most popular OTT Platforms in India are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Voot, and much more.

Regional OTT Platforms:

Other than Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Voot some regional OTT platforms are also available in India such as, Aha (Telugu) OHO Gujarati (Gujarati), Hoichoi (Bengali), Sun NXT (Malayalam), these a few regional OTT platforms which seem to have Obtained more popularity among Indian audiences.

OTT Marketing techniques:

Digitization is currently challenging almost every sector and Industry in Society. However, we all know that the OTT market in India is one of the most popular and highly growing markets in the world.

OTT app is an application that provides video content to the audience through smartphones, Tab, laptops, and Smart tv using an internet connection. It requires cable or satellite rather than a traditional method.

In 2020, the OTT app is not just an upsell feature they have become something that users expect as a part of their viewing. So OTT has become one of the leading businesses in the market.

What Is OTT and List Of OTT Platforms

What Is OTT ? 5 Things To Know about OTT
What Is OTT ? 5 Things To Know about OTT

What Is OTT and HOW to earn money through OTT?

SVOD: In the subscription video-on-demand model, application owners earn money that is paid by the users to view content. The value of subscription changes from Platform to platform. This model is followed by online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sony Liv.

AVOD: In Advertising Video on Demand model subscribers or users view the content for free. These platforms earn money through the Ad revenue model. This model is obtained by Voot & MX Player.

Hybrid: This is a combination of both SVOD & AVOD. In this model, the OTT platforms earn money through both free and paid subscriptions. This model is followed by Zee5.

TVOD: In the Transaction, Video-on-demand model streamers get two steaming options that can be chosen by the subscriber as per their needs. This model is followed by Sky Box Office, Apple’s iTunes, and Amazon Video Store.

What Is OTT – Most of the peoples are spending more time in OTT Platforms

What Is OTT ? 5 Things To Know about OTT
What Is OTT ? 5 Things To Know about OTT

Covid-19 impact on OTT

Due to the pandemic and the lockdown People are structured to their homes. All cinema halls are closed at that time OTT platforms provided a lot of Entertainment to people with a single click.

They can be able to watch Movies and Tv shows of their preference. Apart from movies and TV Shows, we can get a lot more to watch on OTT such as Web series and shows that to in our regional language.

The most popular web series in India are Money Heist, Bulbul, Hostages, etc. While coming to SAM JAM hosted with Samantha, NO. ONE YARRI with RANA is one of the most popular Telugu shows. Besides this, the OTT media has certain other advantages too. It has opened the possibility of streaming ad-free content and undisturbed viewing. Customer is the true King here, he or she can watch what they want to.


What Is OTT Viewing content on any medium is a matter of behavior that converts into a habit over a period of time. There is a drastic growth in the production of original content it ranges from low-budget experimental features to high-budget blockbuster series.

As we said before the customer is truly the king here; he or she can watch what they want and when they want that means The content provided on such OTT platforms though in violation of various laws of the nation is still under the observation of Supreme Court of India. However, OTT makes for a more immersive and engaging medium of entertainment.

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