Venkatesh Narappa Is Ready For Direct OTT Release On Amazon

Venkatesh Narappa Is Ready For Direct OTT Release On Amazon

Narappa – is a movie starring star hero victory Venkatesh in the lead role. The film, directed by Srikanth Addala, and Priyamani has a heroine, The Film Narappa is being produced by Suresh Babu, Kalai Puli and   Karthikratnam, Rao Ramesh, Prakash Raj, Murali Sharma,  etc. are playing the lead roles. .  Manisharma is providing the music for the film and cinematography by Shyam K Naidu.

The film is a remake of the Tamil hit Asuran. The film opens with a story about the problems faced by the caste system in certain sections of society.   The shooting of the film has already been completed and the post-production work is under process.  Everyone thought that Telugu movies would be released in theaters after the lockdown.

But the situation was completely reverse many big producers have started debating what it would be like if their films were released on Direct OTT. Fear of being locked down again with the Delta variant began to surface in the wake of the resumption of theaters. With this, they are coming to the conclusion that OTT is the best Platform to release their movies in this situation.

After the Nitin Maestro movie, it is reported that Venkatesh Narappa is also finalizing the OTT deal. Producer Suresh Babu, who had earlier said that Narappa was just a theatrical release, now he has reportedly changed his mind and is moving towards a direct OTT release. News is coming that a direct release deal has been struck with Amazon Prime to this extent.

 Narappa Movie Poster

Venkatesh Narappa Is Ready For Direct OTT Release On Amazon
Venkatesh Narappa Is Ready For Direct OTT Release On Amazon

The film, which has a direct release deal on the popular OTT platform, namely Amazon Prime Video is set to release on July 24.

Actually The film Narappa is scheduled to release on may 14 However, Narappa release has been postponed for the past few months due to dire corona conditions across the country now they are planning to release directly On July 24 in Amazon prime video

Venkatesh looks like never seen before in two different incarnations. Priyamani is playing a memorable role as his wife Sundaramma. Recently the film has completed the post-production works and in a very few days, the film’s first copy is yet to be released soon. Finally, the Narappa is  streaming on Amazon prime video @July 24

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