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Tegimpu Movie Review: Tegimpu is known as Thunivu in Tamil and is directed by Vinoth. This is the third film under Ajith and Vinoth’s collaboration. Manju Warrier plays another important role in it.

Tegimpu appears to be an action film set in the context of robbery. Thala Ajith is well-known for his high-octane action flicks. Let’s see how things go in the Tegimpu Movie review.

Tegimpu Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Tegimpu (2023)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Action Adventure and Thriller
Release Date 11th, January 2023
Director H Vinoth
Main Lead Actors Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, John Kokken, Veera, Bucks, and many others
Cinematography Nirav Shah
Editor Vijay Velikutty
Producers Boney Kapoor and ZEE Studios 
Music Director Ghibran
Language Telugu 

Tegimpu Movie Story

Before going into the Tegimpu Movie rating let us know a bit about its story.

A cop forms a deal with a gang planning to steal Your bank in Visakhapatnam. The robbery proceeds as planned until, unexpectedly, another group takes over and hijacks the scheme. Dark Devil (Ajith Kumar) leads the kidnapping, killing a few goons and taking customers, staff, and other goons as prisoners. What happened as a result of the hijacking will be the crux of the narrative.  

Tegimpu Movie Plus Points

Ajith Kumar played an anti-hero in Tegimpu after a long break. Ajith effectively depicted the protagonist character’s evil side. Ajith displayed his own approach in both the action and talking portions of the film.

Moving on to the performances of the Tegimpu Movie cast and crew, Kanmani, played by Manju Warrier, is a member of Ajith’s gang. She nailed the action scenes with ease. Samuthirakani is an excellent choice for the role of police commissioner.

H.Vinoth’s chosen Tegimpu tale is about a bank heist. He attempted to entice viewers by presenting Ajith in a bad light against the backdrop of a bank robbery.

In the second part, there are some funny encounters involving the two scammers and Ajith. These segments give good relief when the film becomes dull. It is a bit plus point while talking about the Tegimpu Movie review.

Tegimpu Movie Minus points

Despite the fact that the entire film is packed with tremendous action components, none of the situations increased Ajith’s valor. Despite the daring action sequences, the finale and other stunt sequences resembled a bit too much.

The main flaw in the Tegimpu movie review is that even Ajith’s admirers will find no real aspects that offer them a boost. Everything becomes conventional, and even Ajith’s appearance and roles convey the sense that he is becoming overly predictable.

The major point should have been presented sooner in the film, and the songs might have been skipped entirely. The underlying notion is sound, but more work could have been put into the writing.

In a few points, there is no continuation since the film leaps from one sequence to another incorrectly.

Vinoth’s story, script, and directing all fell flat, with the exception of a few memorable lines.

Technical Aspects

Now let us talk about the technical Aspects of the Tegimpu movie review. Ghibran’s music for Thegimpu is okay. But the songs are forgettable because there are just a few tracks and they serve only as filler.

In fact, they delayed the film’s pace. He could have done more to make the scenes more interesting. Nirav Shah’s cinematography complements the storyline. Coming to the director, H.Vinoth, did a below-par job with the movie. He has taken a brilliant plot but has not totally succeeded in writing a compelling script.


Closing words about the Tegimpu movie review are, the film is a fascinating action picture in which Ajith Kumar, dressed in grey shades, discusses the genuine challenges that the ordinary man faces. Thala is the sole star in this heist flick. Though the message is good, the flaws overwhelm it, and the film ends up being just okay.

Tegimpu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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