Repeat Movie Review

Repeat Movie Review and Rating [ Hit or Flop ] – 2022

Repeat Movie Review: Repeat, a murder thriller directed by Aravind Srinivasan and starring Naveen Chandra, is scheduled to release on December 1, 2022. and also Repeat movie streaming is available through Disney + HotStar

Naveen Chandra previously acted in key roles in many web series and impressed the audience. and now the movie Repeat is a remake of the popular Tamil film Dejavu, which received positive reviews from audiences. in this article Let us go deep into Repeat move review and Rating

Repeat Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Repeat Telugu Movie (2022)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Mystery Drama
Release Date 1st, December 2022
Director Arvindh Srinivasan
Main Lead Actors Naveen Chandra, Achyuth Kumar, Madhoo, Pooja Ramachandran, Smruthi Venkat, Satyam Rajesh, Mime Gopi and many others
Cinematography PG Muthaiah
Editor Arul E Siddharth
Producers Ramanjaneyulu Javvaji
Music Director Ghibran
Language Telugu

Repeat Movie Story

Before going to begin the Repeat Movie Review let us know a bit about the story. A police officer attempting to solve a challenging case is the main element of Repeat. A journalist reports to the police that he has been receiving death threats since he published a book featuring the criminal responsible for a spate of crimes that occurred in the city a few months ago. 

Meanwhile, DGP Asha Pramod’s (Madhoo Shah) daughter gets kidnapped.  DGP chooses to look into the issue on her own, and Vikram Kumar, a special officer, joins her (Naveen Chandra). Was the mystery solved by Vikram? What about the daughter of the DGP? To find out the answers, watch the movie. Now let us get into Repeat OTT movie review.

Repeat Movie Plus Points

  • As a special officer, Naveen Chandra performed admirably. He had a dazzling appearance and gave the role his best.
  • Performances of Repeat Movie Cast to a certain extent, Madhoo Shah’s performance as DGP is acceptable. In their roles, others such as Mime Gopi, Smruthi Venkat, Satyam Rajesh, Achyuth Kumar, Pooja Ramachandran, and Kaali Venkat performed.
  • In the first few minutes, director Aravindh Srinivasan did a great job of grabbing the audience’s curiosity.
  • The film’s second hour is excellent, gradually revealing the mysteries. As the film nears the finish, it becomes more engaging, and the final twist is satisfying.
  • The comedy is decent at times, which is appropriate given the circumstances.

Repeat Movie Minus points

  • The film is a remake of Arulnidhi’s Tamil film Dejavu. Arvind Srinivasan came up with a good theme, but his screenplay and direction were a disaster.
  • Following an exciting start, the performers simply go through the motions with no genuine twists and turns. Even when the twists are revealed, they do not evoke the same level of excitement as the first two acts.
  • Repeat failed to establish the plot, which is essential for any thriller to work effectively. The film’s main idea is not established, so it fails to reach a new level.
  • Except for Naveen Chandra’s scenes, nothing is gripping, which had a significant impact on the watching experience.
  • Furthermore, the opening sequences are unclear, and there is no clear relationship between the individual scenes.
  • Arvind Srinivasan’s story and screenplay are riddled with nonsensical events and massive flaws.

Technical Aspects

Talking about technicalities in the Repeat movie review, Ghibran’s background score is excellent 

The cinematography by PG Muthaiah is adequate, while the editing by Arul E Siddharth is subpar. Where the picture has to be fast-paced, it isn’t, and when the revelations are revealed one by one, the proceedings feel hurried.

Arvind Srinivasan is the director for repeat movie, and he might have done a better job with the first hour. In general, production values are good.


Closing words about the Repeat movie review is the opening portions of the film are well-written and directed, and they quickly hook us.

The narrative and storytelling keep you intrigued once Naveen Chandra is presented as an undercover investigative officer. There are times when the situations appear banal and predictable, and the DGP’s past hints at what may have occurred. Considering all of these factors Repeat movie is one best movies to watch in recent times.

Repeat Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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