Ramarao on Duty Movie Review

Ramarao On Duty Movie Review Cast & Crew (Hit or Flop) 2022

Ramarao On Duty Telugu Movie Review:

Raviteja seemed to be extremely happy about Krack’s success last year. Now the mass Maharaj came up with a thriller-entertainer Rama Rao On Duty. The film was directed by Sharath Mandavan. Now let us talk about Ramarao on duty movie review.

Ramarao On Duty Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Name Ramarao On Duty Telugu Movie (2022)
Rating 2.25/5
Genre & Duration Action, Thriller, and Adventure
2h 01 m
Release Date 29th, July 2022
Director Sharath Mandavan
Main Lead Actors Mass Maha Raja Ravi Teja, Venu Thottempudi, Divyansha Kaushik, and Rajisha Vijayan,
Cinematography Sathyan Sooryan
Editor Praveen K. L.
Producer Sudhakar Cherukuri
Music Director Sam C. S.
Language Telugu

Ramarao on duty movie story

The story takes place in 1995. Ramarao (Ravi Teja) is a sincere revenue officer. One day, he meets his ex-girlfriend Malini (Rajisha Vijayan), who informs him that her husband has gone missing and asks him to help her in finding her husband. Ramarao begins his investigation and discovers that many people in his town also have gone missing, just because of red sandalwood smuggling. The story revolves around who is behind all of this and how Ramarao solved the case makes the plot. With these details let us dive into Ramarao on duty review.

Plus Points

  • Ravi Teja’s performance in the second half was excellent.
  • In comparison to the first half, the second half makes more sense because the investigation scenes are a little better.
  • Production values are good.
  • In some places, background music is appropriate. The songs are a major disappointment.

Minus points

  • Rama Rao On Duty is marketed as a thriller with commercial highlights, but it lacks both suspense and captivating scenes.
  • The director spends nearly an hour getting into the actual plot. For a long time, he focuses on the hero’s introduction and character development.
  • In the first half, there are no remarkable scenes. The interval frame is also predictable.
  • The film’s terrible execution is one of its main flaws. Director Sarath Mandava has taken a decent plot and narrated it in a boring manner.
  • The efforts to balance the action and investigation parts drag the entire film down. The villain episode lacks surprise, and there are some very artificial scenes with him.

Technical aspects:

Coming to technicalities in Ramarao on duty review Sarath Mandava, the director, did a poor job with his debut film. He did not make proper use of Ravi Teja. His direction is disorganized, as there is no entertainment, action, or drama in the film. It’s boring and will test your patience. The film’s production values are good, as is the camera work, which effectively depicts the 1990s setting.


A closing note on Ramarao on duty movie review is the audience might not feel the punch and thrill of the riddle even once. Overall, Rama Rao totally fails at his job. The film is long and has a very dull screenplay, which frustrates the audience.

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Ramarao On Duty Movie Review

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.25/5.

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