Raja Vikramarka Movie Review

Raja Vikramarka Movie Review, Rating Cast & Crew- 2021


Raja Vikramarka movie hit the silver screen yesterday. Before going to the Raja Vikramarka movie review in detail, let us know a bit about the story and its technical aspects. Later we will discuss its highlights and minus points.


Rating 2.25/5
Genre & Duration Action Thriller
2h 18 m
Release Date 12th, November 2021
Director Sri SariPalli
Main Lead Actors Karthikeya, Tanya Ravichandran, Tanikella Bharani, Sai Kumar, Harsha Vardhan, Pasupathi, Gemini Suresh, Surya, Jabardhasth Naveen, etc.,
Cinematography P C Mouli
Editor M. Jesvin Prabhu
Producer Rama Reddy
Music Director Prasanth R Vihari
Language Telugu


STORY: Raja Vikramarka in short Vikram (Kartikeya) is an NIA agent. Tanikella Bharani is boss to Vikram. He hides is identified as a part of his job, he introduces himself to everyone as an insurance agent. Vikram falls in love with Kanthi (Tanya Ravichandran). Kanthi is the daughter of the home minister (Sai Kumar). Kanthi also starts loving Vikram.

Now the story takes a turn when Home Minister got in Trouble. What happened to  Home Minister? How Vikram saves Home Minister? You will get answers to these questions by watching the movie. Without any delay let us go into the Raja Vikramarka movie review.


Raja Vikramarka Movie Review


  • Kartikeya as an NIA officer is perfect for his role. His personality, attitude, and acting are impressive.
  • Tanya Ravichandran’s looks are pretty and it’s an impressive debut for her as a heroine.
  • Comedy timing in the film went well. Especially some scenes between Tanikella Bharani and Kartikeya are good.
  • Sudhakar Komakula as a cop did justice for his role. His role is significant, especially in the second half.
  • Action and comedy sequences are balanced in a proper way.


  • Story is predictable
  • As the hero is an NIA officer audience may expect some interesting twists and action scenes but, there are no such elements in the film.
  • The overall story is not much engaging.
  • There is a scene where the heroine falls for a hero, the reason for falling in love is not convincing.
  • The main conflict scene in the film is not established well.
  • The major minus point is that the main twist in the second half is possibly predictable.


Coming to technicalities let’s talk about the music first. Prasanth’s Songs and BGM are good but, the BGM doesn’t cope well with the scenes. At some places, it felt like BGM is giving to normal scenes. Production values are good. P. C. Mouli’s cinematography is decent. Director Sri Saripalli failed to make the movie in an engaging way. The plot is too regular and went on an entertaining mode. There are only a few elements that give you the feel of watching NIA-type films. The rest of the story went on a regular note.


Before concluding the Raja Vikramarka movie review it’s an average film. It won’t give you the feel of watching a thrilling NIA-type film. You may give it a try to watch this film.

Raja Vikramarka Movie Review

Crazy Movie Updates Team – 2.25/5

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