Raja Raja Chora Movie Review & Rating | Crazy Movie Updates

Raja Raja Chora Movie Review & Rating | Crazy Movie Updates

Raja Raja Chora Movie Review –  Sri Vishnu is one of the young talented directors in the Tollywood industry. His previous movie “Okkaduvundevadu, Mental madilo,  Brochrvaru evaru, Needi Nadi oke Katha entertained the audience with different stories. Now his latest movie is Raja Raja Chora


Bhaskar (Sri Vishnu) is a middle-class man working in a Xerox shop. His wife is educated and they both had a child. But Bhaskar hides the matter and falls in love with Sanjana (Megha Akash). Bhaskar lied to Sanjana that he is a software engineer. Sanjana accidentally finds that Bhaskar is married and had a child.

However, Bhaskar managed Sanjana with another lie. Finally, Bhaskar decides to settle with Sanjana and get rid of his Wife and Child. In that process, he commits a big theft. Now the story is how Bhasker’s life turned because of these situations.

Movie Name Raja Raja Chora Movie (2021)
Genre Action/ Drama Entertainer
Release Date 19, August 2021
Director Hasit Goli
Main Lead Actors Sree Vishnu, Megha Akash, Sunaina, Ravi Babu, Gangavva, Tanikella Bharani.
Cinematography Vedaraman Sankaran
Editing Viplav Nyshadam
Producer TG Vishwaprasad, Abhishek Agarwal
Music Vivek Sagar


Sri Vishnu is well known for its vital story selection. He always entertained the audience with the different storylines. ‘Raja Raja Chora’ also seemed to be a different movie if you look at the promos. It is a story of a middle-class man Bhaskar who is working in a Xerox shop and pretending to be a software engineer to the outside world.

He falls in love with Sanjana. He wants to settle with her and get rid of his wife and son. For that, he plans a big theft. Now the story is about the consequences he faces after the theft. However, Vishnu gave a range of elevation at the pre-release event about the movie saying that smiles make masks fly.

Raja Raja Chora Movie Review & Rating

Raja Raja Chora Movie Review & Rating | Crazy Movie Updates
Raja Raja Chora Movie Review & Rating | Crazy Movie Updates

These words increased more Expectations of film. ‘Raja Raja Chora movie’ does not look too new in the story, but the narration is not like the usual commercial movies. Most of the fun scenes run smoothly in the first half. The pre-interval episode is the highlight of the movie. This movie takes an emotional turn in the second half.

Sri Vishnu-Ravibabu-Megha combination will share the laughs in the second half. Everything else is serious. Emotions seem okay, but not up to the level. The ending also feels a bit incomplete. But overall ‘Raja Raja Chora’ engages the audience for two hours. The technical aspects are also very good for the film. It is a one-time watchable movie.

Technical Category:

Vivek Sagar proves to be the perfect choice for ‘Raja Raja Chora‘ type movies. A big plus for the film is the background music with a good josh that elevates the entertainment to ‘Broche Warevarura’ style. He was also impressed with the songs. The songs that fit into the story are pretty impressive. The director’s effort to tell the story with the songs is commendable.

Vedaraman’s photography is also good. The production values are in line with the level of the film. When it comes to writer cum director Hasit Goli, he seems to be the director of this generation. He made his debut with a different Storyline to suit Vishnu’s taste.


‘Raja Raja Chora movie’ engages the audience for two and a half hours. The performance of the artists, the technical aspects are also very good for the film. This is a movie that can be enjoyed in theatres this weekend without too much expectation

Raja Raja Chora Movie Review

Crazy Movie Updates Team – 3/5

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