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Radhe shyam Telugu Movie Review [ Hit or Flop ] 2022

Radhe shyam Telugu Movie Review


After Radhe shyam movie release date is announced, fans got excited about the film. But at the same time, they were in a worry whether the film was successfully released as per the scheduled time or not. Because the film release date has been postponed many times previously. By breaking all these dilemmas and confusions the most awaiting Romantic drama finally aired into theatres today.  With out any delay let us movie into Radhe shyam Telugu movie review.

Radhe Shyam Cast & Crew

Movie Name Radhe Shyam (2022)
Rating 2.75/5
Genre & Duration Romance, Drama, Historical, Science Fiction Entertainer
2h 08 m
Release Date 11th, March 2022
Director Radha Krishna Kumar
Main Lead Actors Prabhas, Krishnam Raju, Pooja Hegde, Sathyaraj, Murali Sharma, Bhagyashree, Jayaram, Priyadarshi, Sachin Khedekar and Others
Cinematography Manoj Paramahamsa
Editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Producer Vamsi, Pramod, and Praseedha
Music Director S.S Thaman
Language Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada


Radhe Shyam Movie Story:

Before going into review let us know a bit about Radhe shyam movie story in short without any spoilers. The periodic romance drama sets in Europe, 1976. Our hero Vikram Adithya (Prabhas) is a famous palmist who doesn’t believe in love.  Prerana (pooja Hegde) is a doctor by profession. Vikram Aditya falls in love with Prerana on the very first sight. As Vikarm Adithya can predict the future he moves to London, distancing himself from Prerana. What made him move to London? What has he predicted? Will they both meet each other again? What destiny decided for Vikaram and Prenana? All these things plot the story. With these Radhe shyam movie details let us dive into our review.


  • Best things first, Prabhas in as Vikram Adithya looked way too good. His looks are stylish and attractive. In short, we can say that he grabbed every one’s attention towards him with his looks, acting and styling.
  • The way Prabhas character was designed by director Radha Krishna Kumar is appreciable. His screen presence is awesome.
  • Talking about actor Pooja Hegde, she did a wonderful job. She looked drop dead gorgeous. She delivered her careers best performance as prerana.
  • Prabhas and Pooja Hegde screen presence is Okay.
  • Other actors like Prakash Raju and Krishnam Raju are perfect for their roles.
  • The best part about the film is no unnecessary fights involved in it.
  • One of the biggest asserts of the film is visuals. Literally Radhe Shyam created a visual wonder on the screen. The visuals are top notch. VFX effects are also went well.
  • BGM by S. S. Thaman is additional advantage for the film.
  • The train scene and climax sequence are worth appreciable.


  • One of the biggest back draws of the film is slow screen play.
  • The main plot of the story reviled earlier this reduces interest towards the film a bit.
  • As it is a love story everyone gets involved with the characters, audience feel every emotion what hero and heroine went through. But the story disappoints fans a bit. It felt like most of the film went in songs rather then scenes. The chemistry between Vikram and Pooja could have been presented in a better way.
  • The story has a predictable storyline.
  • The film has a good cast, but the director failed to use it properly. Some characters in the film have nothing to do with the story.
  • There is no major point that satisfies the reason why Prabhas haven’t used his palmist knowledge to solve problems in his love life.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Talking about technicalities in Radhe Shyam movie review firstly we need to appreciate production designs by Manoj Paramahamsa, he did a stunning job in establishing vintage European background. Every scene created a visual wonder on screen. Director Radha Krishna Kumar chosen a different concept as story which is good. But lack of proper screen play disappoints fans a bit. Outfits of Pooja and Prabhas are like stunning. BGM by S S Thaman elevated many scenes.

CONCLUSION: Closing remarks on Radhe shyam Telugu movie review is it’s a worth watching film. With out any delay book your tickets for Radhe shyam movie right away. Except some minor flaws the film is too good to watch. Especially family audience can connect to movie a lot than mass audience. A small note; before going to watch Radhe shyam full movie is to low your expectations a bit then you will enjoy the film.

Radhe Shyam review and rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.75/5.

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