Prathyardhi Telugu Movie Review

Prathyardhi Telugu Movie Review & Rating [ Hit or Flop ]

Prathyardhi Telugu Movie Review: Prathyardhi, starring Ravi Varma Aduri and Akshata Sonawane, premiered on January 6, 2023. The OTT partner for the film is yet to be chosen. The trailer and teaser for Prathyarthi caught the interest of moviegoers. Let us now look at the Prathyardhi movie story.

Prathyardhi Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Prathyardhi (2023)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Crime Mystery Thriller
Release Date 6th, January 2023
Director Shankar Mudavath
Main Lead Actors Ravi Varma Aduri, Akshata Sonawane, Rohit Behal, Neelima Pathakamsetti, and many others
Cinematography Rakesh Goud Maisa
Editor Rakesh Goud Maisa
Producers Sanjay Saha
Music Director Siddhant Prini
Language Telugu.

Prathyardhi Movie Story:

Before going into the Prathyardhi Telugu movie review let us know a bit about its story. SI Krishna Prasad (Ravi Varma Aduri) investigates Vijay Kumar’s kidnapping and neglects his family in order to solve the matter. He and constable Satya (Vamsee Alore) work together to identify the suspects and discover the guilty.

During the investigation, they learn about some unexpected events and how they are linked to detective Mechanic Shiva (Rohit Behal) and his friends, Neelima (Akshata Sonawane). All of the answers will be revealed in the main film. Let us see the Prathyardhi movie rating.

Prathyardhi Movie Plus points

  • Ravi Varma as SI Krishna exuded authority and command with his dialogue delivery and body language. He turned out to be the picture’s livewire, carrying the film on his shoulders for most of the runtime.
  • Coming to the performances of other Prathyardhi movie cast and crew, the detective character is well suited to Akshata Sonawane. Rohit Behal played a key mechanic, yet he only used one expression. In the climax, Vamsee Alore has a strong screen presence. Others, such as Neelima Pathakamesetti and Sneha Guptha, perform well in their parts.
  • The way Shankar presented the crime drama in a tense manner is a huge feature. By not exposing the murderer until the conclusion, the filmmaker kept the audience guessing until the very end.
  • Shankar’s concept of creating a mystery drama by linking the events with multiple subplots is solid.

Prathyardhi Movie Minus points

  • The first half of the film is tolerable, but the investigative sections are riddled with problems. It is the major minus point when talking about the Prathyardhi Telugu movie review.
  • To some extent, the court scenes are OK, but they may be somewhat noisy at times. Once again, the filmmaker missed the storyline near the finale, resulting in a half-baked final product.
  • This type of emotional criminal thriller works effectively when it has an intriguing storyline that keeps people interested from start to finish.
  • Some of the first-half sequences are nonsensical. The tale is engaging at first, but it moves too slowly by inserting extraneous sequences. Also, the tune might have been stronger to elevate the thriller.

Technical aspects

Technicalities in the Prathyardhi Telugu movie review, the narrative of Prathyardhi is interesting, but it moves slowly. The cinematography is the film’s highlight. In certain key situations, the cameraman’s work is excellent. The production values are excellent. Shaolin Mallesh’s choreography for the action scene is excellent.

Bheems’ music is only OK, but his background soundtrack has a thunderous impact. Rakesh Goud’s editing left several lags and repetitious scenes, which damaged the film’s pacing.


To summarise the Prathyardhi movie review, it is a passable criminal drama with the most compelling plot. The climactic twist is intriguing. Shankar Mudavath, the director, showed the crime drama in a suspenseful manner.

If the team can advertise the picture even more actively, it has a good chance of generating respectable income at the box office over the weekend.

Prathyardhi Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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