Oke Oka Jeevitham Telugu Movie Review

Oke Oka Jeevitham Telugu Movie Review [Super Hit] – 2022

Oke Oka Jeevitham Telugu movie review: “Aditya 369” is the first Telugu Movie on the concept of the Time machine. After that Play Back and Adbhutham films entertained the audience with the time travel concept. Recently “Bimbisara” starring Kalyan Ram received huge success with the time travel story line.

And now “Oke Oka Jeevitham” is another time travel story released in theatres recently. It is a Si-fi drama. Let us talk about Oke Oka Jeevitham Telugu movie review.

Oke Oka Jeevitham Movie Cast

Movie Name Oke Oka Jeevitham (2022)
Rating 3.5/5
Genre & Duration science fiction drama film

2h 35mns

Release Date 09th, Sep 2022
Director Shree Karthick
Oke Oka Jeevitham Cast Sharwanand, Amala Akkineni, Priyadarshi, Vennela Kishore, Ritu Varma, Nassar, and Many others
Cinematography Sujith Sarang
Editor Sreejith Sarang
Production Company Dream Warrior Pictures
Music Director Jakes Bejoy
Language Telugu, Tamil,

Oke Oka Jeevitham Movie Story

Aadi has not recovered from the loss of his mother’s death in an accident 20 years ago. He has two friends. Meanwhile, a scientist creates a time machine. The scientist claims he’ll take Adi back in time using that gadget so he can see his mother one last time. He also tells that Adi can save his mother from that accident. Will Adi be able to save his mother from an accident? What are the consequences of the time travel process? All these things plot the story. Now let us dive into Oke Oka Jeevitham Telugu movie review.

oke oka jeevitham movie review

Plus Points

  • The storyline was well written by including motivational aspects.
  • The intermission twist is fantastic, and the final 40 minutes are fascinating, and the film stands on its own.
  • Coming to Oke oke Jeevitham Movie cast performances Amala Akkineni returns to the big screen after a long absence. She performed admirably and convincingly.
  • Vennela Kishore character is written perfectly. His performance as a child is commendable.
  • The other two kid actors likewise performed admirably in their roles. Their characters will be remembered even after the completion of the film.
  • The first half of the film is highly enjoyable and is presented in a humorous way.
  • BGM is good.
  • Not to mention Sharwanand’s skills. He has a remarkable talent to encourage variety.

Minus Points

  • The main minus point about Oke Oka Jeevitham Telugu movie is that the plot is easily understandable.
  • There are a few sparks here and there, but the dialogues are just average.
  • In Oke Oka Jeevitham movie the hero is a music teacher. But there are not many impressive songs.
  • In terms of direction, the first half has several flaws.
  • The film starts in the year 1989 by playing “Akashavani…” and the females in skirts pulling a rickshaw. The director failed to recreate the 1989 atmosphere.
  • The film moves slowly and takes its time getting into its primary plot.

Techinical aspects

Technicalities about Oke Oka jeevitham Telugu Movie review is the visual effects, time machine model, and production design are all excellent. The camerawork effectively depicts the 1990s period. To improve things, the editing might have been tighter.

Shree Karthik, the film’s director, has done an excellent job. His tale is unique, and the conflict points he selects for each of his pals appear to be amazing. Karthik’s command of emotions and comedy was outstanding. He did not overdo it by making the film melodramatic. When you think the emotions are winning, the subtle comedy and thrills keep you interested.


The concluding note on Oke Oka Jeevitham Telugu movie review is it’s a well-crafted science fiction Movie. The actors’ performances are impressive and a huge plus. Aside from the sluggish pace, this film has a good script and will undoubtedly impress the audience who wants different. Book your tickets for the Oke Oka Jeevitham Movie right now

Oke Oka Jeevitham Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 3.5/5

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