Mahaan movie review

Mahaan movie review, Rating Cast & Crew Solid Hit On OTT

MAHAAN MOVIE REVIEW: Mahaan was the Tamil film released on Amazon Prime video today. The film stars father and son duo Vikram and Dhruv Vikram in lead roles. The film was released in four languages Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam along with Kannada. In this article let us know about Mahaan movie review.

Mahaan Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Name Mahaan (2022)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre & Duration Action, Thriller.
2h 42 m
Mahaan Release Date 10th, February 2022
Director Karthik Subbaraj
Main Lead Actors Vikram, Simha, Dhruv Vikram, Simran, Vani Bhojan, Sananth, Muthukumar, Aadukalam Naren, and Others
Cinematography M Sherif
Editor Vivek Harshan
Producer SS Lalit Kumar
Music Director Santhosh Narayanan
Language Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada.


STORY: Before going into the Mahaan movie review let us know a bit about the story without any spoilers. Gandhi Mahaan was a commerce teacher. His father and his grandfather are freedom fighters after independence they started fighting for banning alcohol completely in AP. His father always forces Gandhi Mahaan to follow Gandhiji’s way. Gandhi Mahaan is married and had a son too. He never likes the way he lives. One day an unfortunate incident changes his life completely.

He separates from his family he becomes a liquor syndicate. He meets his son after a few years in an unexpected. What is the incident that changed his life? What are the consequences that he faced when he met his son after many years? All these plots the story. Now without any delay let us movie into Mahaan movie review.

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Mahaan Movie Review



  • Vikram always tries to come up with new concept movies. He is an expert in it but, for the past few years, he hasn’t received good success. With Mahaan movie we can say that Vikram is back.
  • Vikram as Gandhi Mahaan completely steals the show. In some scenes, his expressions tell everything without even telling a single word.
  • Dhruv Vikram as Gandhi Mahaan’s son did a great job. He played the character of a police officer with negative shade who hats his father. He just literally nailed in that character.
  • BGM elevated every scene. Especially the fighting sequences were elevated because of BGM.
  • The comparatively second half of the film is good the first half.
  • Bobby Simha and Sananth played other important roles in the film. Their performance is worth appreciable.


  • There are no major minus points in the film. First half it felt like the screenplay is lagging a bit, but the second half compensated for the first half.
  • Editing could have been done in a bit crispy way.
  • Mahaan’s scenes with his wife felt a bit boring.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Coming to technicalities, director Karthik Subbaraj did a good job in narrating the story, but the first half felt a bit boring. Music by Santosh Narayan is on top. Cinematography by Shreyas Krishna is worth appreciable. Editing could have been done in a better way especially Mahaan scenes with his wife made us skip that portion.

Conclusion:  Concluding note on Mahaan movie review is it’s worth to watch the film. After many years Vikram fans get to see a different shade in Vikram. In addition to this in the film his son is also playing the key role.

Mahaan Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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