Like share and Subscribe Telugu Movie Review

Like share and subscribe Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Like share and subscribe Telugu Movie Review: Santosh Sobhan, who has gained popularity for his unique and hilarious films like Ek Mini Katha and Paper Boy, is set to entertain moviegoers with his new film, Like Share, and Subscribe. The movie, which was directed by Merlapaka Gandhi and stars Fiara Abdullah as the female lead, is currently playing in cinemas. Let us get into Like share and subscribe to Telugu movie review.

Like share and subscribe Movie Cast

Movie Name Like share and subscribe (2022)
Rating 2/5
Genre Comedy and Adventure
Release Date 04th, November 2022
Director Merlapaka Gandhi
Main Lead Actors Santosh Shoban, Faria Abdullah, Sudarshan, Sapyagiri, Brahmaji, Naren, Mime Gopi, and many others
Cinematography A Vasanth
Editor Ramu Tumu
Producer Venkat Boyanapalli
Music Director Praveen Lakkaraju, Ram Miriyala
Language Telugu

Like share and subscribe Movie Story

The storyline of Like, share and subscribe revolves around a travel vlogger and the events in the life of two content creators. With his YouTube channel, Guvva Vihari, travel vlogger Viplav (Santosh Shobhan) achieves fame. He meets Delhi-based YouTuber Vasudha Varma (Fiara Abdullah) while traveling to Araku Valley, and following some early fights, they decide to travel together.

Vasudha will be kidnapped by a rebellious group headed by Brahmanna after arriving in Araku. The rest of the narrative focuses on the young internet influencers’ attempt to escape the group. With this story now let us dive into Like share and subscribe Telugu movie review.

Like share and subscribe Plus Points

  • Santosh Shobhan and Faria Abdullah are great in the movie because of their vibrant screen presence. They both were the perfect choice as modern internet influencers.
  • Brahmaji is fit for the entertaining yet serious gang leader character. Other supporting performers like Govind and Mime Gopi performed a great job.
  • Faria Abdullah is able to draw attention once more with her endearing appearance and talent. She has a certain kind of naivety, which is appropriate for her part in Like, Share, & Subscribe.

Like share and subscribe minus points

  • The major minus point while talking about Like share and subscribe movie rating is, Merlapaka Gandhi, the filmmaker, deserves praise for developing this cutting-edge idea for trip vlogging. His written concepts are passable, but they are not adequately converted to the screen.
  • Everything turns out to be predictable, and Merlapaka Gandhi appears to have focused more on adding a few funny sequences than on the narrative, script, and directing.
  • Nothing makes sense, and not a single scene thrills the audience.
  • The absence of real twists, thrills, and conflict irritates viewers more than any other aspect.
  • After a few humorous sequences with the central couple initially on, the movie absolutely drifts off track as it goes out.
  • To make things more organized, the length may have been cut. The songs also don’t have much of an impact and lengthen the piece.

Technical Aspects

Talking about technicalities in the Like share and subscribe Telugu movie review is Vasanth’s cinematography is stunning, and he accurately showed the Araku Valley and the woodland settings. While Ramu Tumu’s editing should have been improved, he couldn’t be criticized because the tale is weak in and of itself.

The music and BGM by Praveen Lakkaraju and Ram Miryala are hardly passable. The editing crew needs to have finished the long second part promptly. Regarding the writing, director Merlapaka Gandhi significantly stumbles. His desire to make the movie more entertaining destroys its spirit, causing it to wander aimlessly. His script required extensive revisions.


A closing note on the Like share and subscribe Telugu movie review is, The most stupid and pointless movie overall is Like, Share, and Subscribe. Despite the efforts of the key actors, Sudarshan and Brahmaji, the film is unappealing to watch this weekend due to the screenplay’s lack of seriousness and underplaying of important plot themes.

Everyone anticipated a hilarious outbreak, but all of their hopes were dashed, leaving them deeply upset because of the director’s poor script

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Like share and subscribe Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2/5

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