laththi Telugu movie review

laththi Telugu Movie Review & Rating

laththi Telugu movie review: Vishal is a well-known actor in Telugu. laththi his newest action entertainment that has been in the making for a long time, has finally hit theatres. Vishal did a cop role in the film. A. Vinoth directed the movie. Let’s see how the film turned out in the laththi Telugu movie review.

laththi Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name laththi (2022)
Rating 2.25/5
Genre Commercial Action Entertainer
Release Date 22rd, December 2022
Director A Vinoth Kumar
Main Lead Actors Vishal, Sunaina, Prabhu, Ramana, Sunny PN and many others
Cinematography Balasubramanian and Balakrishna Thota
Editor N.B.Srikanth
Producers Ramana and Nandaa
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Language Telugu.

laththi Movie Story

Before going into the laththi movie rating let us know a bit about its story. Murali Krishna, a policeman, is suspended after filing laththi charges against a rape convict. He regains his job, with the assistance of a senior police officer called Kamal.

One day, Kamal asks for a favor: beat up Veera (Ramana), the son of don Sura (Sunny PN), who wants to enter politics. The remaining plot is around how he saves himself from the terrifying adversary. Now, let’s get into the laththi movie review.

laththi Movie Plus points

  • Vishal feels comfortable in this type of role. His portrayal of an honest police officer who cares about society and family is outstanding. He gives his all and totally elevates the film. Vishal should be commended for his attention to the combat sequences. In the action scenes, he is quite intense.
  • Sunaina plays the role of the wife. She looks nice and is pleased with her performance.
  • Talking about the performance of the laththi Movie cast and crew, Prabhu appears in a cameo part and does well. Munishkanth appears in a little part and performs admirably in whatever he is given.
  • The plot is straightforward, and it is easy to foresee. However, the manner the performance is managed by debutant director A Vinoth Kumar is quite entertaining.
  • The only thing somewhat nice laththi Telugu movie review is the background soundtrack by Sam CS.

laththi Movie Minus points

  • Vishal picked the same template films and continues to behave in the same manner. He may have lost track of the parts he played in the same pattern. Vishal’s emotional performance near the conclusion demonstrates how little he has grown as an actor.
  • The actors that played the baddies were completely inept. Even the actor who portrayed Sura is ridiculous. Their characters’ poor writing makes them appear even worse.
  • The major disappointment while talking about the laththi Telugu movie review is, we anticipate heroism in a cop narrative, but it is only found in the beginning and end blocks of the film.
  • The family tale requires good character development and bonding. Even if there is a foundation for something to happen, nothing succeeds because of poor writing.
  • The film was directed by A Vinoth, while the narrative was written by Pon Parthiban. They don’t appear to have been able to come up with an exciting narrative, and the result is a rather conventional and dull picture.
  • It appears that the filmmaker is primarily interested in Vishal’s character. He succeeds in creating good sequences for the protagonist but falls short in writing the rest of the portion well.

Technical Aspects

Coming to technical aspects in the laththi Telugu movie review, the director attempts to tell a regular cop story in an entertaining manner. Adding a few twists and turns may have improved the film’s action drama.

The soundtrack and cinematography are both adequate. The battle moments are recorded in a way that helps the viewer experience the adrenaline rush. The production qualities are excellent, as is the dubbing.

There are a few tracks that are only for show. Even with a standard duration, the picture feels long. From beginning to end, the picture does not have a single redeeming feature.


laththi is a terrible cop drama with an out-of-date premise and writing. Only if you are a die-hard Vishal fan will you be able to bear the film. Otherwise, laththi is a film you can easily avoid.

laththi Telugu movie review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.25/5

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