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JagapathiBabu looks fierce in his 1st look from Salaar Movie

Salaar – KGF2 was created with a high budget and with the heaviest canvas after the KGF sensations. Prashant Neil, who directed these films, is currently shooting for the salaar movie ‘Prabhas’.  Already Prabhas look leaked from the location made the fans full happy. The latest Jagapathi Babu look from Salar has also been released.

In this movie, Jagapathibabu appears in the role of Rajamannar. According to the Poster he seems to be a dangerous and cunning villain. In this movie, we can see jagapathi babu with an unshaved mustache and a wrinkled face with messy hair. He has a mass look with a nose ring and a cigar in his mouth. Is he a villain or a key player? That remains to be revealed. These posters increased enthusiasm in the audience about the salaar movie.

Salaar Movie Posters

Salaar - Jagapathi Babu looks fierce in his 1st look from ‘Salaar’ Movie
Jagapathi Babu looks fierce in his 1st look from ‘Salaar’ Movie

This is the 3rd film in the combination of director Prashant Neil and Homebale Films after the KGF series. The expectations of the audience were further raised to look forward to more about the film. The new poster gave some hints about the character. The key schedule was recently completed. The entire film will be completed by February 2022. A new release date will be announced later this year.

The idea behind Salar’s new poster is an attempt to create curiosity in the audience about the movie. Makers said that the intention behind revealing the look is to tell the audience that it is the turning point in the movie. “More character details will be known with shooting progress. The film is shaping up to be an Indian film. This has already led to speculations that it will be released in all languages. Can’t wait to give more updates about this film, “said the director.

Action like never before ..!

Homebale Films is producing this film with a huge budget. This film is currently being filming at jet speed. There is a piece of information that this movie is being screened in Retro Style with a mass storyline. Audiences can get to see Lot of action sequences in the movie. This is making with a high technical aspect beyond KGF. This movie is designed with fantastic script narration that is beyond imagination.

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