Impact of Omicron Covid-19 virus on upcoming Release movies in India – 3rd wave

Omicron Covid-19 virus

Omicron Covid-19 virus: The new Corona variant Omicron Virus is now going to challenge the world. World Health organization already warned about Corona Third wave. Recently South Africa released an article on the Omicron variant. Indian Government is also preparing to release guidelines. In this scenario there is a question raising will it be lockdown again? Still, there is suspense on this matter.

Covid’s second wave created a huge loss all over the world. Almost every family in the world is affected due to covid either directly or indirectly.  WHO is telling that Omicron Virus is more dangerous than Covid second wave. And now a days many peoples are facing omicron virus symptoms So, Governments are thinking about lockdown again.


Omicron Covid-19 virus

Everyone knows that the movie industry is one of the most affected sectors during Covid times. For the past two months, the movie industry is again trying to get on track. Huge budget movies like RRR, Radhe Shyam, and many more are ready to release.

The industry has huge expectations for these films. The audience is slowly started going to theatres to watch films after the covid second wave. However, with the new variant, the theatres may be locked again. Or the government may issue 50% occupancy guidelines.

So many theatres closed during covid. If lockdown or 50% occupancy in theatres happens again then almost every theatre will be closed. The latest new variant is sure to have an impact on Pan India films.

Some movies like Akhanda, puspha, Ghani, Shyam Singarai will be released to escape the new Omicron variant. These are released in the month of December. Films like RRR`, ‘Radheshyam films are releasing in January. Also in February some films including `Acharya`, `Sarkaru Vaari Paata` is ready for release. There is a chance that these films may affect due to Omicron. Hopefully, this time Government and people will also take more precautions to protect ourselves from this new Omicron Covid-19 virus

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