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Hero Movie Review, Rating Cast & Crew Decent Hit – 2022

Hero Movie Review

HERO MOVIE REVIEW: Galla Ashok gave an entry into Tollywood with Hero film. He belongs to the Superstar Krishna family. Here in Hero movie review let us see whether Ashok impressed the audience or not.

Hero Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Name Hero Movie (2022)
Rating 3/5
Genre & Duration Action, Comedy, and drama.
2h 12 m
Release Date 15th, January 2022
Director Sri Ram Aditya T
Main Lead Actors Ashok Galla, Nidhhi Agarwal, Naresh, Jagapathi Babu, Satya Akkala, Naresh, Brahmaji, Vennala Kishore.
Cinematography Sameer Reddy and Richard Prasad.
Editor Prawin Pudi
Producer Padmavathi Galla
Music Director Ghibran
Language Telugu


STORY: Before going into Hero movie review let us know a bit about the story without any spoilers. Arjun (Ashok Galla) wants to become an actor he is struggling with his career at the same time he loves Subbu (Nidi Agarwal). Unfortunately, Arjun faces some issues with Subbu’s father. The story takes a turn when one day Arjun receives a contract to kill Subbu’s father. How the rest of things turned after this plots the story. Without any delay let us movie into Hero movie review.

Hero Movie Review and Rating

Hero Movie Review


  • Coming to plus points the concept of the film is quite different and interesting.
  • The first half is exciting and thrilling and the second half is entertaining with comedy scenes.
  • Ashok Galla is good with his role in other words we can also say that Hero Is a decent debut film for Ashok.
  • He needs to work on his body language a bit and the rest of the things like dialog delivery, Dance, etc are good.
  • Jagapathi Babu’s role in the film is highly appreciable and he did justification for his role.
  • The chemistry between hero and heroine is also fine.
  • Coming to hero movie cast, supporting actors like Vennela Kishore and Naresh did well.


  • The first half of the film is good while coming to the second-half director failed a bit in revealing the suspense about the Jagapathi Babu flashback it could have been done in a better way.
  • Logic in the film is missing when the twist is exposed.
  • The first half is entraining yet the Second half is a bit boring.

Technical Aspects: Coming to technicalities in the film music by Ghibran is great it elevated many scenes in the film. Director Sri Ram Adittya T did a good job. The cinematography by Sameer Reddy and Richard Prasad is nice. In the second half, it felt like the screenplay could have been done in a better way. Some Comedy scenes felt a bit boring.

CONCLUSION: Final note on the Hero Telugu Movie review is, it’s worth watching the film without any expectations. If you watch it without expectations any without spoilers, you will surely enjoy the film, especially the first half. On the whole, Hero is a perfect debut film for Galla Ashok he succussed in impressing the audience.

Hero Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 3/5

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