Evaru Melo Koteswarulu & Bigg Boss 5

Evaru Melo Koteswarulu & BB5 hot Discussion on Social Media

Evaru Melo Koteswarulu & Bigg Boss 5 It is an eye feast for Telugu audiences as Bigg Boss and Evaru Melo Koteswarulu as streaming at the same time on TV. NTR is hosting the show Evaru Melo Koteswarulu it is telecasting on Gemini tv. Nagarjuna is hosting Bigg Boss season 5 in Telugu which is telecasting on Star Maa.

These two shows have a huge craze in India, especially in the North. Both the shows were well received in Telugu as well. So, the audience is enjoying these two shows at a time. The Bigg Boss show will begin after the NTR show is over. In total the two shows are telecast to entertain the audience without competing.

 NTR’s Evaru Melo Koteswarulu

Evaru Melo Koteswarulu & BB5 hot Discussion on Social Media

Meanwhile, fans are fighting on social media about their favorite stars’ shows. It also seems very common for both sides to make bad comments about both shows. Except three days after the start of Bigg Boss, some fans are not watching the NTR show. They are commenting that they only watching their favorite hero show.

At the same time, NTR fans want NTR to come back for the Bigg Boss show and they are also commenting that NTR is the perfect person to host the Bigg Boss Show.  At the same time, fans are also commenting that Evaru Melo Koteswarulu would be suited more for Nagarjuna as he is the senior-most person in the industry. They want Nagarjuna and NTR to exchange their shows even though it is not possible.

Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu

Evaru Melo Koteswarulu & BB5 hot Discussion on Social Media

Bigg Boss name itself creates hustle on social media. Now Evaru Melo Koteswarulu added to it. Both shows have been the talk of social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Discussing the competition between the two shows and talking about the ratings coming to both shows. The propaganda going on on social media is out of tune. Some are even personally targeted. Always some people are trying to reduce discussions.

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