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Do Top Heroes of Kollywood have such a ‘range’ in Tollywood Industry?

Top Heroes of Kollywood Industry: Both the Telugu states were once a part of Madras and the film industry was concentrated there. However, after the formation of a separate state for Telugu people, the film industry started developing in Hyderabad. But the relationship between Telugu and Tamil actors has been continued. In this order, some Tamil heroes also formed a good market in Tollywood. Some Tamil actors have craze in Tollywood also.

Top Heroes of Kollywood industry

Top Heroes of Kollywood senior star heroes like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have been dubbing their films and presenting them to the Telugu audience. Heroes like Vikram, Surya, Vijay, Vishal, Dhanush, Karthi, Arya have also created a good market in Tollywood with their dubbed movies. Tamil hero Karthi acted in the direct Telugu movie oopiri. As of now, many Top Heroes of Kollywood are showing interest to act in direct Telugu films. Also, the top producers of Tollywood are showing interest in do films with these actors.

Now star heroes like Dhanush, Vijay, Surya, Shiva Karthikeyan following Karthi by doing straight Telugu films. While Telugu heroes are doing pan-India-level movies. It is no surprise that Tamil heroes are making Telugu films but, comments are heard that these actors are getting higher remuneration than our heroes.

All the Telugu producers who are currently doing projects with Top Heroes of Kollywood offering huge remuneration for Tamil actors. There is a talk that one hero is getting almost hundreds of crore remuneration. There is also news that some other actor is paid 25cr. This is a current burning topic among Tollywood heroes. There is a talk that some Telugu heroes are angry with these producers for giving that much remuneration to those actors.

Even though Tollywood heroes having a huge market when compared to Tamil actors they are not getting that much remuneration from the producers. In this context, doubts are being heard in the industry that whether Tamil heroes have the range to be given this much remunerations. Producers here need to know why they are making films with them for such a high remuneration.

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