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Nayanthara’s Connect, directed by Ashwin Saravanan, is captivating everyone’s attention. The film’s length, as well as its horror and eerie components, is becoming a discussion topic.

This is the first time she has marketed her picture in Telugu since “Connect,” which was produced by her husband. Let’s see how things go in connect Telugu movie review.

Connect Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Connect (2022)
Rating 2.25/5
Genre Horror Thriller
Release Date 22nd, December 2022
Director Ashwin Saravanan
Main Lead Actors Nayanthara, Sathyaraj, Anupam Kher, Nafisa Haniya, Vinay and many others
Cinematography Manikantan Krishnamachary
Editor Richard Kevin
Producers Vignesh Shivan
Music Director Prithvi Chandrasekhar
Language Telugu, and Tamil

Connect Movie Story

Before going into Connect Telugu movie review let us know a bit about its story. Connect tells the story of a single mother and her suffering during the lockdown. Susan (Nayanthara) is bereaved of her spouse (Vinai Rai) due to Covid. This bothers everyone, particularly Susan’s daughter Anna.

In this situation, a mysterious ghost enters their life and causes havoc in the family in a catastrophic series of events. How will the helpless Susan handle this situation? The film’s plot revolves around the whom she seeks assistance.

Let us get into the connect Telugu movie review and rating.

Connect Movie Plus points

  • Nayanthara is an excellent choice for the part of a concerned mother. She displayed positive feelings and emotions. However, it appears that she is being typecast in such roles.
  • Come to the performances of Connect Telugu movie cast and crew, Haniya Nafis fared well in her debut role as the soul-possessed daughter. Sathyaraj is adequate on the part of Nayanthara’s father. He went beyond with his activities at times.
  • However, there are a few excellent moments throughout the film. When a terrifying sequence of events happens, the call is dropped, or buffering begins immediately. Those parts have increased the suspense. These are skilled maneuvers.
  • The climax has been handled beautifully, as have the sequences in which the soul departs the body. The actress who played Anna was excellent in her leading role.

Connect Movie Minus points

  • Connect is a one-hour, 40 minutes film with no intermission. One would expect a reasonable and captivating narration with such limited screen time. However, after the idea of the Lockdown and the ghost is established, the film’s positive points are exhausted. Nothing happens unexpectedly, and there is no suspense or thrill.
  • The Christian angle arrangement offers viewers a regular Hollywood sense. After a while, one gets the impression that they are viewing an exorcism documentary against the backdrop of a lockdown.
  • Connect’s director, Ashwin Saravanan, previously directed Taapsee’s Game Over. The film offers an intriguing subject, but the filmmaker falls short of providing an intriguing narration. Connect that arrives three years later has the same issue.
  • The major minus point while talking about the connect Telugu movie review is, there are several logical difficulties with the picture. Why the girl chose to communicate with her father’s soul, whose spirit really enters her body, and what the backstory is, none of this is adequately described in the film.

Technical aspect

Coming to technicalities in Connect Telugu movie review, with his background music, Prithvi Chandrasekhar enhanced the scenes. Manikantan Krishnamachary’s cinematography fits the horror theme.

He attempted to produce a few eerie scenarios to make an impression. Despite the brief duration, Richard Kevin’s editing left several lags that hindered the narration’s speed. The production values are decent.

When it comes to filmmaker Ashwin Saravanan, he picked a subject, cast a celebrity like Nayanthara, crafted a one-and-a-half-hour picture, and sold it to an audience that did not believe in his vision.

In general, thrillers keep you interested in finding out what the suspense behind the spirit is. But nothing of the kind is occurring here. It is a simple thread that is performed in an uninteresting manner.


The closing words in connect Telugu movie review is Ashwin Saravanan, in collaboration with Nayantara’s Connect, intended to cause devastation and anxiety in the minds of all moviegoers. With overtones of Hollywood flicks The Conjuring and The Exorcist, Ashwin lost the storyline as comparisons grabbed canter stage. Give it a shot if you have more spare time.

Connect Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.25/5

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