Bomma Blockbuster Telugu Movie Review

Bomma Blockbuster Telugu Movie Review and Rating Decent Hit

Bomma Blockbuster Telugu Movie Review: Rashmi Gautham plays the female protagonist in “Bomma Blockbuster,” Nandu’s first romantic action drama in a very long time. Even large banners cannot successfully draw a crowd to the theatres on this OTT-dominated day.

Any movie created with a large budget will be mercilessly ignored by the audience if there is no uniqueness in the tale, regardless of how famous the main heroes are. Let us now talk about Bomma Blockbuster Telugu movie review

Bomma Blockbuster Movie Cast 

Movie Name Bomma Blockbuster (2022)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Romantic Action Entertainer
Release Date 04th, November 2022
Director Raj Virat
Main Lead Actors Nandu, Rashmi Gautam, Kireeti Damaraju, Raghu Kunche, and many others
Cinematography Sujatha Siddharth
Editor B Subhashkar
Producer Praveen Pagadala
Music Director Prashanth R Vihari
Language Telugu

Bomma Blockbuster Movie Story:

This movie is mainly a compilation of two separate stories of two people. Fisherman Poturaju (Nandu) has grown fond of film director Puri Jagannath. He tries to write a film script and go to Hyderabad. On the other hand, Nandu is a boy who is not with Pani in the village. He falls in love with Rashmi and fights for her.

Both of them fall in love. What is the connection between the stories of Poturaju and Nandula? How do they meet? What are the implications for them? You have to watch the movie to know how Nandu faced them. Now let’s dive into Bomma Blockbuster Telugu movie review.

Bomma Blockbuster Movie Plus Points

  • The major plus in Bomma Blockbuster Telugu movie review is its Storyline the village backdrop feels a bit fresh compared to recent movies.
  • The story has its flavor throughout the film.
  • Once you get into the main plot, the story and the stories are interesting.
  • Nandu has previously proved his acting skills, and he gives another strong performance as the main protagonist. Both his body language and his slang are excellent.
  • Talking about the Bomma Blockbuster movie cast, although Rashmi Gautam, the film’s heroine, had little opportunity to act, it was still wonderful to watch her on screen. Only a few of sequences are given to Raghu Kunche.
  • Raj Virat, a new filmmaker, does a good job of capturing the feel of the town. There aren’t many fantastic action moments.

Bomma Blockbuster Movie Minus points

  • The director took a lot of time to get into the story. Due to this, the movie feels a bit slow in the beginning.
  • There are many Puri Jagannath references in this movie. Perhaps because director Raj Virat is his fan himself, the story seems to have been written on that line.
  • At the end of the second half, the story seems to go sideways again.
  • Nandu was excellent, however, some of the situations where he overacted were dull.
  • The narrative has a straightforward purpose, but the filmmaker blocks the film’s flow with superfluous sequences.

Technical Aspects

Talking about technicalities in Bomma Blockbuster Telugu movie review it is the experimental genre style of Bomma Blockbuster earns it top honors, yet the whole thing falls short of expectations. Raj Virat, the director, does a good job of capturing the unique social, cultural, and geographic characteristics of a fishing town.

The movie also benefits from a few songs and background music composed by Prashanth R Vihari. Sujatha Siddharth’s cinematography merits special note. Subhaskar’s editing is acceptable. On the screen, the high level of production qualities is evident.


A concluding note on Bomma Blockbuster Telugu movie review is it’s a silly and extravagant film that leaves the viewer unimpressed. With the exception of a few sequences, the film is unremarkable and won’t appeal to the general public. The movie succeeds for its unique style but falls short overall.

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Bomma Blockbuster Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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