BiggBoss Season 5 (1)

BiggBoss season 5 Special is well-known celebrities list is here

BiggBoss season 5 – The organizers of the Telugu Big Boss show started season 1 with a dilemma whether the audience would receive it or not. But after season 1 they have been conducting the seasons regularly every year. Rating and Revenue are increasing year by year. Organizers say that they are also increasing the show budget every year. There has been some dissatisfaction with the contestants over the past two seasons. There are some comments that show organizers are bringing Celebrities who are popular on social media so that they don’t need to pay more. Because of this the management this time is taking care in the selection of celebrities.

This season is going to be a lot special. The main specialty is contestants. Every contestant this time is much popular among the audience. In the past, only 40 percent of the contestants were known to the public. But this time it is going to be at the next level. Most of the contestants are known to the audience. Only those with a good following on the TV screen and the silver screen will be given a chance this time.

BiggBoss Season 5 Celebrities list

BiggBoss season 5 Celebrities
BiggBoss season 5 Celebrities

BiggBoss season 5 Celebrities

Celebrities List BiggBoss Season 5 (2021)
Contest 1 Anchor Ravi
Contest 2 VJ Sunny
Contest 3 Maanas Nagulapalli
Contest 4 Uma Devi
Contest 5 RJ Kajal
Contest 6 Shailaja Priya
Contest 7 Shanmukh
Contest 8 Anne Master
Contest 9 Sree Rama Chandra
Contest 10 Vishwa
Contest 11 Siri Hanmanth
Contest 12 Lahari Shari
Contest 13 Lobo
Contest 14 Shwetha Varma
Contest 15 Natraj Master
Contest 16 Jaswant
Contest 17 Hamida
Contest 18 Priyanka
Contest 19 Sarayu


As these people are big celebrities, they have been getting decent pay. According to reliable sources, the contestants are being paid around 30 to 40 percent more than they were paid last season. However, makers are trying to bring Big Boss season 5 with special attractions. Season 5 is going to start from this Sunday onwards. Currently, all of the contestants are also in quarantine. The celebrities who are going to give the wild card entry are also very famous. Overall, industry sources are confident that this season will be on another level. We have to wait for some time to know the audience’s response.

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