Bigg Boss season 5 Telugu Nominated contestants of this week

Bigg Boss season 5 Telugu: Nominated contestants of this week

Bigg Boss season 5 Telugu: Bigg boss show is the care-of address for controversies. This show is like a festival for social media. People can get to see more trolls and memes on social media. People who are not interested in the Bigg boss show also follow these trolls and memes. These varieties of memes and satires can good response from the audience. Fans used to argue on social media in support of their favorite contestants. These fans create fan pages in the name of the Army, Air Force to support their favorite contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 has just started. 19 contestants entered the house. Among them, there are a lot of Unknown faces in it. There are 10 females and 9 males in total. It includes people from all kinds of professions like Anchors, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Social Media Celebrities. However, all celebrities entered Bigg boss house. There are no clashes and arguments in yesterday’s episode.

Bigg Boss season 5 Telugu

Bigg Boss season 5 Celebrities
Bigg Boss season 5 Celebrities

The Bigg Boss Show is all about leaks. Everyone knows this. The latest news is first-week nomination list has also arrived. It is still not known how they did the nomination process this week. But it seems that the best contestants have been nominated this week.

Bigg Boss season 5 Telugu Contestant Nomination list

A total of six people came in for the nomination. Those names are Hamida, anchor Ravi, Sarayu, Manas, Kajal, and Jesse are heard in it. However, on social media posts are circulating that these people came into nominations. If it is true then it will be a threat to Sarayu, Jesse, and Hamida. It looks like there is a high chance of elimination among these three. But always remember that this is a Bigg Boss show. What happens when and is unpredictable

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