ATM Web series Review

ATM Web Series Review – A Routine story But it ends well

ATM Web Series Review: Web Series ‘ATM’ was directed by Harish Shankar. In addition, this web series was produced by  Dil Raju the audience’s eyes fell on the series. Let us see how the series went in the ATM Web Series review.

Movie Name ATM Web Series
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Action Entertainer
Release Date 20th, January 2023
Director C Chandra Mohan
Main Lead Actors VJ Sunny, Prudhvi, Divi Vadthya, Krishna Burugula, Subbaraju, Ravi Raj, Roiel Shree, Divyavani, and Many others
Cinematography Monic Kumar G
Editor Aswin S
Producer Harshith Reddy and Hanshitha
Music Director Prashant R Vihari
Language Telugu, 

ATM web series Story

 Before going to the ATM web series let us know a bit about its story.

Jagan (VJ Sunny) is a young man in a slum in Hyderabad.  Along with the Three other men from the same village Jagan does jalsa with the money they get from small thefts.

One day the old car will be theft and sold by them. It is later revealed that there are diamonds worth ten crores in it. The owner of the diamonds catches them. He threatens to kill him if he does not give his diamonds or ten crores.

Jagan & Co., who asked for ten days’ time, hit the van carrying money to the ATMs. Out of which Rs. 25 crores. The police department hands over the case to encounter specialist Hegde (Subbaraju). What happens next will plots the story. Now, let us dive into the ATM Web series rating analysis.

ATM web series Plus Points

  • Harish Shankar added humor and suspense to the story which makes the audience engaging. He deserves to be recognized for writing a good theft narrative. The narrating style is also excellent.
  • VJ Sunny is convincing in the role of Jagan. His attitude and makeover were remarkable. His dialogue delivery is very strong, and he has a promising career ahead of him.
  • Subbaraju showed intensity in his performance as a police officer. As an insomniac, it is not easy to do as he did. Prithvi may have done such a character in the past. But his timing is funny. It is one of the plus points that need to be mentioned while talking about the ATM web series review.
  • Talking about the performances of the ATM web series cast and crew Prithvi is a perfect choice as Gajendra. Krishna Boorugula, Royal Sri, and Raviraj are the hero’s friends. Divya Vani’s character, in which her performance is hard to impress. Also, Sri, Appaji Ambarisha, and others who appeared in between are impressive.

ATM web series Minus points

  • The director-writers took some time to establish the characters. The starting episodes are very slow. In addition to that, Divyavani’s character as CI Uma devi, those scenes are irritating. Even if these scenes are deleted, there will be no damage to the story!?
  • The major minus point that should be mentioned while talking about the ATM web series review is, while showing the lives of the hero and his three friends, there is a feeling that the story is moving forward, but there is no effect. A web series is therefore understandably made on a limited budget.
  • Gajendra, played by Prudhvi Raj, was first portrayed as a prominent political leader, but the script undermined his character towards the conclusion of the season. The filmmakers could have cast a better actor to play Gajendra. If the creators plan to continue a season, it must be appropriately concluded.

Technical Aspects

Now let us have a look into the Technicalities in the ATM web series review. Monic Kumar G’s camerawork is excellent. Aswin’s editing might have been better, and numerous sequences could have been cut. The ATM narrative is about four young people from Hyderabad’s slums who rob for a living. They become entangled in a high-profile case and are dubbed the most-wanted suspect.


The closing words about the ATM web series review is that the story of the ‘ATM’ web series is nothing new. But Harish Shankar added new points to the game of Common Thief – Police.

The thief’s attempt to distract the police with the help of a GPS tracker and a falcon (royal eagle) was interesting. If you start without any expectations this ‘ATM’ is a decent time pass series

ATM Telugu web series Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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