Ante Sundaraniki TRP Ratings

Nani’s Ante Sundaraniki TRP Gets Lowest Rating on Gemini TV

Ante Sundaraniki TRP Ratings

Natural Superstar Nani’s films are popular on the silver screen and TV screens. The audience watches movies to see Nani’s act. However, Nani’s films on the small screen are not getting proper ratings. The latest Nani and Nazriya Ante sundaraniki movie disappointed fans with its low TRP rating it got only 1.88 TRP Ratings on Gemini TV.

This film was produced by Mythri Movies and received an average talk at the box office. It failed in terms of making money at the box office. The duration of the film was one of the factors for the film’s failure, the audience become bored because of the plot. However, everyone expected this picture to do well on Television but it disappointed with low TRP.

This is the first time Nani’s films have received such a poor rating. The movie was released on the Gemini channel and got a rating of 1.88 in Urban and 1.68 in Rural. A section of Nani’s fans argues that the film needed better promotions. This is the first time a star hero movie got such a poor rating. The minimum rating for a star hearo movie is 10 or 9. Not only Nani’s film but also RRR and Mahesh babu Sarkaru Vaari Paata TRP Ratings were also disappointing on the small screen.

Dasara Movie Cast and Crew

Now Nani’s hopes are now on the film “Dasara,” directed by actor Srikanth Odella. In this, Keerthy Suresh plays Nani’s opposite. Sai Kumar, Samudrakhani, and Zarina Wahab play important roles. The film will be released next March 30th.

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