Amigos Movie Review

Amigos Movie Review with Rating [ Hit or Flop ] – 2023

Amigos Movie Review: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram comes back with another conceptual film, Amigos, in which he plays three characters. The film, directed by rookie Rajendra Reddy and produced by Mythri Movie Makers, was released yesterday.

The Amigos trailer has grabbed the audience’s curiosity due to the unique concept of a doppelganger. Let us see how it goes in the Amigo movie review.

Amigos Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Amigos (2023)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Action Thriller
Release Date 10th, February 2023
Director Rajendra Reddy
Main Lead Actors Kalyan Ram, Ashika, Brahmaji, Sapthagiri and many Others
Cinematography S. Soundar Rajan
Editor Tammiraju
Producers Y. Ravi Shankar, Naveen Yerneni
Music Director Ghibran
Language Telugu

Amigos Movie Story

Before going into the Amigos movie rating let us know a bit about its story. The doppelganger idea is key to Amigos. Siddharth (Kalyan Ram), a Hyderabad man, is attracted by the thought of doppelgangers (lookalikes).

He continues to hunt for his lookalikes, and to his amazement, he discovers not one, but two of them (Manjunath Hegde & Michael). What happens when the three lookalikes become friends?

Meanwhile, Siddharth and Manjunath learn about Michael’s hidden side, which surprises them. What is his background? The essential point is how the procedures will affect the friendship between the three doppelgangers. Now let us get into Amigos movie review.

Amigos Movie Plus Points

  • From beginning to end, it’s all Kalyan Ram’s performance. It is absolutely essential for an actor to show variety when playing roles of this nature, and Kalyan Ram’s performance was nothing less than outstanding.
  • Amigos is without a doubt one of Kalyan Ram’s best performances.
  • Another key point that needs to be discussed while talking about Amigos movie review is that it’s difficult to tell a narrative when playing three characters. Most of the time, the filmmaker has chosen a straightforward script to keep things simple and straightforward.
  • The new director, Rajendra Reddy, takes a different approach by utilizing the Internet to discover one’s doppelganger.
  • The song by Enno Ratrulosthayi is excellent and provides much-needed relaxation in this intense action drama. 
  • Ashika Ranganath makes a solid Tollywood debut. She looked stunning and did well in her short part.
  • Coming to the performances of other Amigo movie cast and crew, Brahmaji stands up for Kalyan Ram and gets a few chuckles. Jaya Prakash is a good guy.

Amigos Movie Minus points

  • When the premise of doppelgangers is new, the filmmaker might have kept the story fresh by avoiding the formulaic writing of characters such as a typical person with one innocent and one cruel lookalike.
  • The creators did not write an engaging screenplay. To raise the proceedings, more drama might have been built around the film’s central theme. It is one of the major minus points that when talking about the Amigos movie review.
  • However, while the screenplay is captivating in the second half, the filmmaker should have focused more on portraying the crucial parts with more effective treatment.

Technical Aspects

Coming to technicalities in the Amigos movie review Sundar Rajan’s photography is a significant contribution to the picture. His framing and lighting settings give the screen a vibrant feel. Thammiraju’s editing is sufficient. The editing could have been much better, and the entire first half required much more work.

In terms of the film’s debut director, Rajendra Reddy, he did an adequate job. Ghibran’s music has its moments. While his theme is racy for Michael alias Bipin Roy’s moments, the background score is bland for the remainder of the film.


The closing word about the Amigos Movie review is Amigos is a crime thriller about doppelgangers that offers a few interesting moments in the second half. Despite some disjointed sections and obvious turns at the conclusion, the picture will be entertaining this weekend.

Amigos Movie Review with Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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