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VALIMAI REVIEW: Fans are very much excited when the Valimai movie release date is announced. It is all because the previously released Ajith Valimai trailer and Valimai first look poster create hype for the film among the audience. Let us see whether the film reached audience expectations or not in Ajith Kumar Valimai review.

Valimai Cast & Crew

Movie Name valimai (2022)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre & Duration Action, Adventure, and Thriller
2h 55 m
Valimai Release Date 24th, February 2022
Director H. Vinoth
Main Lead Actors Ajith Kumar, Karthikeya, Huma Qureshi, Sumithra, Bani, Yogi Babu, Raj Ayyappa, Achyunth Kumar and Others
Cinematography Nirav Shah
Editor Vijay Velukutty
Producer Vishnu Manchu
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Language Telugu


STORY: Before going into the Valimai review let us know a bit about the story without any spoilers. A dangerous bike gang creates a disturbance in the Vizag city by doing illegal activities like drugs business. This notorious gang was led by Saithan (Karthikeyan). To make a check for this gang police department head appoints a powerful police officer Arjun (Ajith). The story takes a turn when Arjun’s brother gets involved in a drug crime. How does Arjun save his brother? How did he arrest the criminals? All these things plot the story. With this let us dive into the Valimai review.

Valimai Review Poster

Ajith Valimai Review and Rating


  • Bike stunts performed in the film are Hollywood range these kinds of stunts haven’t been performed before in any South Indian film.
  • We all know that Ajith is a racer, in the film he performed his own stunts.
  • Production values of the film are on the top.
  • Talking about performances of the cast of valimai there is no doubt we can say Ajith did a one-man show in the film he give a whistle worth performance.
  • Karthikeyan as Saithan did well for his role. Huma Qureshi is decent in her supporting role.


  • The stunts in the film are performed and presented well. But it felt like the story is gripped out from the hands.
  • Valimai film was directed by one of the great directors of South film Industry H. Vinoth, he previously directed super hit films like Khakee it is one of the best crime thrillers in South film industry. But this time he totally disappointed the audience.
  • Vinoth direction is good, but he failed in scriptwriting.
  • The first half of the film went on an exciting note with stunts and action, interval bang is too good. The film takes a u-turn in the second half it felt like unwanted emotions are included in the film. There is no emotional connection with those scenes.
  • Mother sentiment in the second half failed to impress the audience.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Coming to technicalities production values in the film are too good. Camera work is on top-notch epically chasing scenes captured well. The editing part could have been done better. Talking about writer and Director of Valimai movie, H. Vinoth successes in showing action sequences but failed totally in scriptwriting.

In fact, after watching Ajith Kumar Valimi First look poster and trailer audience expected a lot from the film. Except for action scenes, there is nothing much to watch in the film. It disappointed me a lot. Due to the dull screenplay, the second half felt a bit boring. Even Karthikeyan’s character hasn’t been used properly.

CONCLUSION: Closing remarks on the Valimai review is if you want to watch an action sequence then book your ticks for the movie. As an Ajith fan, I got a bit disappointed with the story. But Ajith’s looks, acting, and performance are on the top level. You will enjoy the film if you low your expectations before watching the film.

Valimai Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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